Powerful, long-lasting and reusable power

SKU: 50003940

These Duracell Rechargeable Batteries offer powerful, long-lasting and reusable power for all of your electronic items. They can be charged hundreds of times. They are also 50 percent longer lasting per charge. With an Ion Core you get more power in every battery. They come pre-charged, and are guaranteed to last for five years. In addition, thanks to the Duralock Power Preserve Technology, they'll hold a charge for up to one year when not in use. Duracell Pre-Charged Household Batteries:

  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • 50 percent longer-lasting per charge
  • Pre-charged
  • Will hold charge longer than ever before
  • These Duracell rechargeable Household Batteries work in any NiMH charger
  • Recharge them up to 400 times