Stunning picture & sound.

Manufacturer: Kanex

The Kanex HDMI cable connects your HDMI devices to an HDTV or 4K HDTV. The high speed HDMI cable, available in 2M & 4M, provides stunning picture & sound.

Everything looks better with Kanex HDMI® Cables, simply connect to your HDTV and watch your favorite movies and TV shows from home. Our cables are HDMI® compliant to support 1080p and up to 4K resolutions.

Kanex HDMI® cables are made only with premium-quality materials. The TPE material provides flexibility and durability so it bends and folds easily - no matter where your HDTV is set up. The durable plastic housing was built for easy grip while the connectors plug in easily. Whether you’re plugging in and out everyday or using it as a permanent hook–up, Kanex HDMI® cables offer reliability to your devices.

Easily switch between your Apple TV, Xbox One, Playstation 4, or other HDMI® devices without the need to optimize your display settings. Audio Return Channel eliminates the need for a separate audio cable reducing clutter.