Aiino HeroPad Wireless Gaming Controller

Manufacturer: Aiino

With the new Aiino Game Controller, everyone can be a hero!

The Aiino HeroPad is the perfect wireless game controller for everyday challenges of virtual games. Compatible with iOS, tvOS, iPadOS and Android. Ideal for hundreds of games so you can play and explore any fantastic world you want.

The Aiino HeroPad was developed taking into account the new Apple Arcade and, thanks to the removable mobile phone holder, is best suited for playing with the AppleTV at home or on the go with the iPhone or iPad.

Playstation owners? You can stream the Playstation games on iPhone (a third party application is required) and play with Heropad!

The Aiino HeroPad is a fully equipped controller that is ergonomic and gives you the best grip and feel. Thanks to high-quality plastic, the HeroPad is durable and gives a good sense of touch.

  • Easy bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with iOS 13 and earlier versions (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac), Android, PS4 Multi-Streaming for iOS only
  • LED backlight buttons
  • Rechargeable 600 mAh battery
  • Support over 800 games
  • Ergonomic design
  • Precise joysticks
  • Compatible with Apple Arcade