iOs 10 - Coming this Fall

Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet. Express yourself in bold new ways in Messages. Find your route with beautifully redesigned Maps. Relive memories like never before in Photos. And use the power of Siri in more apps than ever. There’s so much to say about iOS 10 — here are just a few of our favorite things......

Apple Special Event. March 21, 2016

Watch Apple's first media event of 2016, which announces the new iPhone SE and a successor to the iPad Air 2 -- a 9.7" iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Support.




iPad Air 2 - The best tablet you can buy

We’ve seen a long lineup of new tablets this year at sizes big, regular, and small. But the everyday things we use tablets for — watching movies, playing games, browsing the web, checking email, and getting some light work done — still haven’t changed much in 2015. And the key things we look for when buying are also the same; a tablet should have a screen you can get lost in for hours; it should be fast and powerful, have a huge selection of apps, and the battery should last all day and beyond. And though we often leave them at home, it’s important that tablets are portable when we need them to be, a requirement that’s disqualified some particularly massive contenders this year. 

More and more, we’re seeing devices that try to bridge the gap between a laptop and tablet. But despite everyone’s best efforts, those hybrid devices don’t quite replace PCs and don’t feel great when you want to do “tablet stuff.” Tablets still work best when they focus on leisure and entertainment. They’re still that middle thing between your smartphone and computer, and the best ones embrace that position. They put amazing technology into something that’s simple and genuinely fun to use — and they do it without costing too much money. That’s where our top choice excels.


When you look at all of those things, Apple’s iPad Air 2 still stands alone as the best tablet for most people. It’s starting to age a bit, but checks all the boxes better than any other product on the market. From a hardware perspective, nothing else has bested Apple’s design. The aluminum-and-glass build remains second to none, the display is a joy to stare at, and the Air 2 offers the performance and longevity needed to run today’s best apps and games for more than a full day...

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Review - B&W P5 Wireless Headphones gets 5 starts

Reviewed on by What Hi-Fi?

When a hi-fi manufacturer of Bowers & Wilkins’ pedigree makes something a little different, we sit up and listen. This time, though, we find ourselves sitting up with additional comfort and freedom of movement, because the company has entered the Bluetooth headphone market. Behold, the B&W P5 Wireless.

B&W is well established when it comes to wired headphones: its P3P5 and P7 have all garnered significant praise from us. Fans of those will be right at home here: the P5 Wireless headphones are based on the excellent P5 Series 2.


You’d struggle to tell them apart at a glance, because they share a design philosophy - rounded rectangular earcups, sheep’s leather and twisted aluminium. It’s an executive armchair for your ears, the epitome of portable elegance and a sure way to look and feel smart next to the masses of primary-coloured plastic on the bus...

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Review: Apple Pencil is iPad Pro's must have accessory

Apple Pencil is the most talked about accessory to come out of Cupertino in recent memory, and rightfully so. Its classic design, packed with cutting edge technology, makes it an enticing product for digital artists and, more importantly, speaks to the future of Apple's tablet lineup.

The last Apple product to boast a stylus — or non-finger touch input implement — was 1993's Newton, a PDA lineup built around intuitive handwriting recognition technology. The series saw middling success before being axed by Steve Jobs upon his return to the company in 1998. 

After leaving the stylus in the rearview mirror, Apple pushed forward with multitouch on iOS and hasn't once looked back. That is until Apple Pencil.

Apple CDO Jony Ive said Pencil is made for marking, not for executing banal user interface interactions. Apple largely rendered traditional styli obsolete with multitouch gestures in iOS, but there are certain scenarios — drawing being an example cited by Ive — where a writing implement bests even the most refined finger-based interface. Pencil is here to fill those gaps...

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