Devia Full Display Tempered Glass - iPhone 12 / mini / Pro / Pro Max

Manufacturer: Devia

Devia Twice-Tempered Glass For iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro 12 Max

Twice tempered, All of DEVIA tempered will do twice tempered process 
Twice tempered: Through special process and twice tempered to improve the hardness and explosion—proof of the glass

  • Steel ball failing test.
  • Pressure test 

New dust proof net design

Prevent dust enter, protect the mobile phone, more guard health.

2.5D entire view

The iPhone 12 return to the class c design, with smaller notch and narrower borders on the three Sides. The screen ratio is higher, Screen proportion is higher with panoramic view.

2.50 ultra-thin HD full screen

The iPhone 12 returns to the classic design, The screen ratio is higher, to give you a larger view. 

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