EPICO Hero MagSafe Compatible Case for iPhone 12 Series

Manufacturer: Epico

Keep your phone safe with this Epico Hero Magnetic Magsafe Compatible for iPhone 12/12 Pro - Transparent protective cover. It's a back cover, which is constructed to ensure you great durability. The material is pleasant to touch, and it's easy to hold. A certainty is that, this Epico Hero Magnetic Magsafe Compatible for iPhone 12/12 Pro - Transparent phone case keeps an opening to the charging jack and any other button required for regular use of the phone. A big advantage is its compatibility with wire-free charging, which is becoming more popular with mobile phones. You can be certain that it supports MagSafe, which is used to charge Apple electronics wirelessly. This protective case is rigid. This means that it may be harder to put on the phone, but once it's on, it's sure to stay on. 

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