Charger for 30-pin iPad, iPhone, iPod

SKU: GC23139

Griffin's best-selling in-car power and charging solution for iPad, iPod, and iPhone works twice as hard with TWO USB outlets. PowerJolt Dual charges any two USB-rechangeable devices safely and quickly , with 10 watts of charging power. Use one port to charge your iPad, iPod or iPhone; at the same time, use the other for any other USB-chargeable device.

Comes with a detachable USB to 30-pin dock connector cable that can be used separately to sync your iOS device to your computer. To charge other USB-charging devices, just plug the cable that shipped with your device into either of PowerJolt's industry-standard Type-A USB ports. Twin charging indicators light up to show charging status of each device at a glance. Built-in SmartFuse protects your equipment against surges, and resets with no fuses to replace.