HomeGuard Garage Parking Sensor

Manufacturer: HomeGuard

Garage parking sensor
Safely park your vehicle every time


- Quick & Easy to install, designed to help you easily park your vehicle in your garage by 
providing a visual indication of your proximity to the wall.
- Position the Garage Parking Sensor to line up with the bumper of your vehicle. Extend
the indicator light on its retractable cable until it?s the perfect height for you to see it
- Set the safety distance to 1, 2 or 3ft(30,60 or 90cm) away from wall and the indicator
lights will change color depending on your proximity
- Green Light = the car has entered the detection zone
Amber Light=the car needs to slow down and proceed with caution
Red Light = the car is very close to the wall and you need to stop immediately
- Wireless operation using 4 x AA batteries
(not included, indicator light flashes red when batteries need replacing)