MOVEit Speaker - SACKit

Manufacturer: SACK it

Great sound and gorgeous design for your home or on the go. You get impressive sound. Enough to pump up the party whether it is in the living room or at the porch – just MOVEit.

Connect easily via Bluetooth and enjoy spectacular sound – wirelessly of course! Enjoy wireless music from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Go completely wireless when playing from the built-in battery for up to 12 hours for a single charge.

Please note: This model does not have multi-room feature. 

  Bluetooth speaker

Play music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. Enjoy the wireless freedom and bring the speaker anywhere – to the bathroom, the boat, the beach or on vacation.

   Portable or stationary use

MOVEit allows you to play wirelessly from the built-in battery or to plug it into a power outlet for unlimited use. You get 12 hours battery life when playing wirelessly. This allows you to bring the speaker anywhere - to the bathroom, the porch, the beach or perhaps on a trip to Spain? Just MOVEit!

   Phone charging

You probably know the scenario - you’re enjoying great music and a cold drink outside with your friends – and, my oh my, your phone runs out of power, and the party is over. Not when playing from MOVEit, though! Charge your phone from MOVEit while listening to your favorite music – smart! Connect the charging cable via the USB port, and you are good to go.

   Great sound

You will not believe your own ears the first time you listen to MOVEit! That much sound from such a compact speaker? MOVEit will impress everyone with it’s huge sound.


     Danish design

MOVEit is thought-through Danish design. The Nordic look speaks for itself – you don’t just get amazing sound, you will also be indulged with beautiful looks! We’ve designed the speaker based on the vision of creating a multi-purpose product that fits your every need. The changeable fronts, the portable design, and the multi-room feature reflects this design philosophy.

   Changeable front

What’s your color? Changing the look of your speaker does not get easier than this! Change the color of the front whenever you feel like a change – your tunes, your look! The front part of the speaker is coated with Xpress fabric from the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. Many of the colors available for MOVEit matches the colors of the products in our Medley-series – combine these products for a stylish look. The speaker has a beautiful matte white color, and the front color “Dusty Blue” is always included as the standard color. Buy a changeable front separately in the color that you love the most.

   Use as soundbar

Connect the speaker to your TV via Bluetooth or chords, and enjoy amazing sound when watching your favorite movies. MOVEit is a sound bar with beautiful Danish design that matches the modern home perfectly.