MicroSD card reader incl. USB and microUSB adapter for iPhone, iPad, Mac


The versatile PhotoFast iType-C Reader is the next generation of flash drive that makes data transmission flexible. Designed for the modern day needs, it features cross-platform compatibility and storage expansion functionality.The iType-C Reader is a forward looking device that integrates an iOS Lightning connector for iPhones & iPads with a modern USB-C connector on the other. These two connectors open up data management across iOS devices, laptops, computers and Android devices with USB-C ports. Built to serve as an one-fits-all smart accessory, an adapter that allows seamless connection to microUSB and standard USB devices is included in the iType-C Reader package.

The iType-C Reader is the world's first USB-C and card reader integrated storage solution. The storage capacity of iType-C Reader is determined by users' microSD card selection, opening up an unlimited storage opportunity on multiple memory cards. Media recorded on a microSD card by a drone, GoPro or action camera can be easily inserted into the iType-C Reader to immediately access full 4K video quality directly on your device of choice, the perfect solution for video, photo and music enthusiasts. The compact design makes it easy to bring with you, wights only 7.6g and stored in a fine polished accessory case. 

The PhotoFast ONE App, exclusively built for our users, not only helps to manage music, photos, videos, documents and contacts backup instantly. It supports backup from major cloud services and social media platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Facebook, and Instagram that are all integrated into the app for efficient access. Users can use password protection to keep their personal data stay extra safe. Simply one tap backup all your valuable data to a microSD card without the need to synchronize with iTunes.
Type-C Reader, the next generation of external storage solution for the USB-C era is the best choice in the modern digital world.