Noveen Multi Lunch Box





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Durable and Stylish Workmanship

The original design of the XLine line perfectly matches the current trends. Solid workmanship, high-quality materials and matte fashionable painting will make your Multi Lunch Box stand out – and you with it!

Heating a Ready Meal

The electric Multi Lunch Box is perfect for conveniently heating a ready meal outside the home. The device is equipped with a heating element that allows you to heat food within 10 minutes.

Digital Control Panel

The device is equipped with a digital display with a touch panel that allows you to control the functions: cooking with a timer from 1 minute to 9 hours and heating – just 10 minutes.

Ceramic Coated Container

The main container with a capacity of 1 liter has a ceramic coating, which facilitates (speeds up) heating and cleaning, and also prevents food from sticking.

Compact Size & Weight

Multi Lunch Box is a combination of functionality and mobility. The compact size of the device makes it perfect for a small kitchen or office.

Accessories Included

The set includes a transport bag with a convenient pocket for accessories, steel cutlery in an elegant case and two additional containers for salad, fruit and vegetables. All this so that you can enjoy the taste of exceptional dishes in all conditions.