MOB Cutie Clock Connect


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Intelligent rabbit : Sleep on your two ears, unlike Alice white rabbit, this Cutty Clock Connect smart rabbit alarm clock is set like a watch. Thanks to the integrated app, you can not only set the time and date, but also adjust the brightness of the display and the power of the night light.

Multifunctional : Time, date, temperature alarm clock and automatic night light. This intelligent rabbit alarm clock Cutty Clock Connect not only offers a beautiful mini figure. Turn off the night light by tapping the H ends to temporarily stop the alarm clock.

Motion sensor : This faithful companion will go to rest until your voice shows. A motion sensor shows the alarm clock and the night light at night. Tap the H end or turn off before turning off the time.

Rechargeable : This intelligent rabbit alarm clock Cutty Clock is powered by an intelligent battery, charge your alarm clock and enjoy a month of battery life and mobility.

Funny and original design : This intelligent rabbit alarm clock is a decorative object by combining graphic design and Kawaii style. It is a nest anywhere in the house from the little ones room to the living room. Thanks to the magnet on the back and the included magnets, you can magnetise it anywhere.