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Only you and the music. Let yourself be seduced by the tones of your favourite. Experience the new astonishing sound of TOUCHit. Use the ANC function to shut out the noise of your surroundings. TOUCHit is a pair of on-ear headphones with a completely unique design that will provide you with amazing sound and optimal comfort. The exclusive design received the recognised Red Dot Design Award. The ear cups are made with our specially designed Double Doughnut design. This is why you will experience the best comfort and fit while maintaining premium sound quality.

The train ride, cooking, workout or a walk in the forest. Let these wireless TOUCHit headphones follow you everywhere and enjoy astounding sound for 22 hours in one charge.

TOUCHit headphones are Danish design when it is best! You will get beautiful aesthetic and carefully selected materials combined with high functionality and user-friendliness. The combination of fabric, metal and PU leather is enchanting nuances creates a product that will last you for years. Timeless design and durable materials of high quality.

Astounding sound
Give life to your favourite music and emerge yourself into the intensity of the rhythm. Let yourself become one with the music and enjoy the crisp tones. You will get a deep and powerful sound and crystal clear vocal. Take grand sound with you where every you go.

Bluetooth headphones
Everything is of cause connected via Bluetooth. You do not have to be bothered with annoying wires on your train ride, while running and working out. Connect your phone, tablet or computer with just one click – super easy and simple.

Active noise cancellation
Create a space for you to give yourself 100% to the music. Do not let yourself be interfered by all that is going on around you. With the powerful ANC technology, you can minimise background noise, letting you emerge yourself to be seduced by your music, Podcast or sound book. This technology will be your best friend when you want to get rid of the airplane clatter, gym grunts and heavy breathing, or rumbling machines while doing house work.

Long battery life
Enjoy wireless music for 22 hours in one charge. Take your headphones with you everywhere – on your flight, during workouts, on the train or use them during your evening cooking. The TOUCHit headphones are easily charged with the included micro-USB cable.

Dansk Design
TOUCHit is the result of thorough Danish design. Both in terms of style and function you will get a product lasting you for years. Materials are carefully chosen with attention to both comfort and durability. Fabric, metal and PU leather combined make a fashionable and gorgeous pair of headphones promising to put the finishing touch to your every outfit.

Comfortable fit
No more uncomfortable headphones! Both fit and choice of material make TOUCHit headphones a joy to wear. TOUCHit is an on-ear headphone which you will be able to wear all day. The adjustable headband, flexible ear cups and Double Doughnut design is assuring you a super comfortable and adaptable fit guaranteeing to fit with you – nice!

Double Doughnut Design
The TOUCHit headphones have uniquely designed ear cushions ensuring you both comfort and sound quality of highest rank. On most headphones one ring is formed with the ear cushion of each ear. On TOUCHit you will get two adjoined rings each side. This special design assures sound will be directed at you and does not slip out to those around you. So you will get a pair of on-ear headphones which encapsulates the whole sound without being uncomfortable to wear for longer time.

Let’s stay in touch! TOUCH it headphones has a build-in microphone, letting you talk freely without being bound to your phone. Talk with those you care about while cooking, cleaning, driving or walking.

Wire compatible
Though wireless freedom is a joy the included audio cable will let you use TOUCHit even if you have forgotten to charge your headphones.

On-headphone control
Change song with one simple click – that is how easy it is to control your music directly from your headphones. By using the buttons on TOUCHit you can control your music, answer incoming calls and even push 3 times to redial the last call you have made. You don’t even have to take you phone out of your packet – that is clever!