Great to clean all your HDTV's, computer screens, GPS, camera screens, tablets, and more!

  • A powerful, non-toxic screen cleaner designed for use on ALL screens, consumer electronics and mobile devices
  • Includes 2 bottles of WHOOSH! Screen shine; 100 ml spray bottle and 8ml pocket-size sprayer plus 2 ultra soft microfiber cloths
  • Safe for all screens - will not damage, scratch or etch sensitive screen coatings. Perfect for smartphones, tablets, laptops, satnavs, MP3 players, TV screens, e-readers, kids games consoles and more
  • Keeps your screens and devices clean, clear and free from bacteria - remove dust, germs, dirt, make-up, smudges, fingerprints, oils etc. and make your screen shine like new
  • Completely natural, alcohol-free, ammonia-free, streak-free, anti-static formulation with no harmful residues. Provides ongoing resistance to fingerprints, dust, dirt, oils etc.