Review: Apple Pencil is iPad Pro's must have accessory

Apple Pencil is the most talked about accessory to come out of Cupertino in recent memory, and rightfully so. Its classic design, packed with cutting edge technology, makes it an enticing product for digital artists and, more importantly, speaks to the future of Apple's tablet lineup.

The last Apple product to boast a stylus — or non-finger touch input implement — was 1993's Newton, a PDA lineup built around intuitive handwriting recognition technology. The series saw middling success before being axed by Steve Jobs upon his return to the company in 1998. 

After leaving the stylus in the rearview mirror, Apple pushed forward with multitouch on iOS and hasn't once looked back. That is until Apple Pencil.

Apple CDO Jony Ive said Pencil is made for marking, not for executing banal user interface interactions. Apple largely rendered traditional styli obsolete with multitouch gestures in iOS, but there are certain scenarios — drawing being an example cited by Ive — where a writing implement bests even the most refined finger-based interface. Pencil is here to fill those gaps...

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