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XtremeMac wooden stand is designed to help you organize your desktop while maintaining everything simple and elegant. This monitor stand helps to relieve you from the mess on your table and provide easy access for charing your iPhone or QI device. 

Trays for Stationary - Pens or small objects like clips fits right in to this curved area where things won't scattered anymore on your desk. 

Relive your neck and backbone - Give yourself an extra shelf with this wooden stand. this stand is simple and elegantly designed. It helps reduce neck and eye strain by raising monitor higher for more comfortable viewing. Slim and modern design enhances the visual organization for your home, office and supports your monitor.

Convenient Space-Saving Storage - Trays add convenient space-saving storage for supplies, freeing valuable desk space for other things. Durable wooden construction provides strength and stability, yet is stylish enough for any workspace.

For QI Wireless Charger Model - Wireless Charger is a comfortable desk accessory that provides the latest wireless charging technology charging Qi compatible devices wirelessly and efficiently. It utilizes the latest Qi technology to quickly charge any Qi-compatible device through electromagnetic induction for all QI enabled wireless charging devices or devices with QI receiver.


  •  Innovative wooden design stand.
  •  The wireless charging plate on the side can charge your newest iPhone and any other phone with the QI technology.
  •  Output: 10W.
  •  Beautiful Looking - Monitor Stand Elegantly Designed with Wooden Desktop and White/Cream Leg Organizes Your Desktop Space and Decorates with a Simple yet Aesthetic Touch
  •  Organize Desktop Space - Keyboard and Mouse Storage Space beneath release more space. Pencil trays organize pen, clips and other small office objects to help clearing your desk.
  •  Relieves Neck and Backbone - Extra height from the stand helps you to keep your eyes and monitor on same level to relieve pressure on neck and backbone, especially good for heavy computer users.
  •  Wireless Charge - For QI model, provides super easy gateway for charging your iPhone without wires and extra chargers.