Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apple ID?

An Apple ID is a personal account you must use to access Apple services like the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, the Apple Online Store, FaceTime, and more. It includes the email address and password you use to sign in, as well as all the contact, payment, and security details that you’ll use across Apple services.


When do I use my Apple ID?

Any time you set up a new device, make a purchase, or use any Apple service, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID and password. Once signed in you’ll have access to the service and all the personal information in your account.


How many Apple IDs do I need?

Just one ideally. Use the same Apple ID everywhere you sign in to ensure that all your Apple services and devices work together seamlessly and you can access your personal content from all your devices.


Can I share Apple ID with someone?

Your Apple ID should not be shared with anyone else. It provides access to personal information including contacts, photos, device backups, and more. Sharing your Apple ID with someone else means you are giving them access to all your personal content and may lead to confusion over who actually owns the account. To share iTunes & App Store purchases, photos, a calendar, and more with someone else, try Family Sharing, iCloud Photo Sharing, or other easy-to-use sharing features.


How can I keep my Apple ID secure?

Security and privacy are very important to Apple and Apple provide a number of ways to secure your Apple ID and protect your privacy including strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and more.


What happens if I lose my Apple ID password?

You can reset your Apple ID password if you have access to the email address linked to it. If this is the case you can reset your Apple ID on https://www.iforgot.apple.com.


What if I don't have access to my email to reset the Apple ID?

iCentre unfortunately cannot help with this since, for security reasons, we have absolutely no access to these details. The only way you can retrieve your password is by contacting Apple directly as they are the only ones who can help.


What should I do if my device has been disabled due to inputting the wrong access code?

The only way to get past this is to restore your device. Please be aware that you should always know your correct Apple ID and password as you will be asked to input this information. If you do not know your Apple ID and password you will not be able to use your device. Please note that, unless you have a backup of your data, all information will be lost following the restore process.


What should I do if I have problems with my Apple device?

The iCentre service centre is located in Dun Karm street in B'kara Bypass. All our Apple certified technicians are located here and will assist you with the issues you my be experiencing with your device.


Can I drop off my faulty device at any iCentre outlet?

Faulty devices must be taken to our service centre in B'Kara Bypass. The opening hours of the service centre are Monday to Friday from 09:00 till 18:00, Saturday from 08:30 till 12:30.


When would I be able to speak directly to an Apple Certified technician?

The technicians are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 17:00. They can be reached via telephone or by sending an email to support@icentre.com.mt


Does my warranty cover accidental damage?

No, the warranty only covers defects and malfunctions as a result of the manufacturing process of the goods sold by SG Solutions to the customer, when used normally in accordance with Apple's guidelines. It also does not cover any software related issues, other than the operating system. For the full warranty terms and conditions please click https://www.icentre.com.mt/terms-conditions/


Should I back up my device?

You should back up your device regularly. It is always the responsibility of the customer to first back up any content and/or information especially before any services are required. The customer is hereby made aware of the likeyhood that data saved on a hard disk or other storage medium may be lost or reformatted during a repair. SG Solutions will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any software programs, data or other information stored on any medium or on any part of the products while said equipment is being serviced.


Does iCentre repair all Apple devices?

We repair all iMacs and Macbooks in house by our Apple certified technicians. All replacement parts are Apple genuine original parts and sourced directly from Apple. With regards to iOS devices, specifically in the case of iPhones, Apple do not provide piece parts to repair (except for batteries, receiver & cameras depending on the model) but after diagnosing the device we are required to send the unit to Apple Inc where they give 2 options depending on the fault, either to change the display assembly or a whole unit replacement. In the case of iPads and iPods, these are always a whole unit replacement, to date. Unfortunately we are still not in a position to offer any kind of support on the Apple Watch.


When I get a full unit replacement do I get a brand new device?

As per Apple’s terms & conditions, the replacement unit that you will receive can either be new or new with the possibility of some refurbished parts that are equivalent in performance and reliability to a new part.


How long is my warranty?

Apple offer 1 year international warranty plus another year EU Consumer warranty. Consumables carry a 1 year warranty.


Can I exchange products bought from iCentre?

Goods can be exchanged within 2 weeks of purchase on presentation of a vat receipt and on the condition that the item is still sealed and in its original packaging. No items will be exchanged if the seal has been broken or the device has been activated.


Do you offer refunds?

No we don’t. Items are exchanged for a credit note of the same value or for another product of the same value or above.


How long is the credit note valid for?

This is valid for 6 months.