TheraFace PRO

Manufacturer: Theragun

A relaxing facial massage meets the facial treatments you love, all in one device. Reduce tension and relax facial muscles with the technology behind Theragun percussive therapy, now adapted for the face. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning microcurrent to rejuvenating light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health treatments than any other device.

  • Healthier Skin: TheraFace 6-in-1 therapy massage device uses microcurrents to leave skin looking healthy and radiant. With TheraFace massage 89% of users saw their skin look more rejuvenated and glowing.
  • Universal Skin Care: 6 different attachments allow for a range of use. Percussive therapy to relax muscles, microcurrent ring for skin brightening, LED light treatment that fights aging skin, and a deep cleansing ring for daily use.
  • Microcurrent Technology: Small currents of electricity are applied to the face to stimulate facial muscles and build collagen. Improved blood circulation and faster healing are common benefits.
  • Professional Grade Care: Microcurrent and LED light treatments at home. No need for trips to the salon with TheraFace PRO providing all the same benefits with one handheld device.
  • Industry Leader: Therabody's mission is to provide you with the effective natural solutions you need to take charge of your daily wellness. We’ve combined education, innovation, and over a decade of pioneering within the tech wellness space to make wellness more accessible for everybody.